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The four Cs of effective communicationConcise, Coherent, Comprehensible, Clear.

BioSciPons specialises in creating well-researched, clear, and accurate content related to medical, health, and biotechnology:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Writing and Editing
  • Communication of Complex Information
  • Compliance and Ethics

BioScipons provides expert services in the dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge, supporting educational efforts, research dissemination, and informed decision-making in healthcare and science.

BioSciPons professional medical writers

Today, not just experts but also patients and their caretakers reach out to articles published in medical journals to enhance their understanding of the health conditions, the treatment options available and the potential complications of the disease or the therapy.

But clinicians are often busy and cannot devote the time needed to writing, they need to treat patients after all. Although they are experts in their own therapeutic area, they do not have availability or sometimes writing ability.

Medical writers are experts in their own field, i.e., writing. 

BioSciPons professional medical writers are specialists in writing clear, concise, comprehensible, and coherent contentgetting a manuscript ready for publication on a budget & in a short amount of time.

We ensure that all applicable publication ethics and style guidelines are adhered to, including the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) authorship guidelines. 

Medical writing support:

  • Choice of peer-review medical journal
  • Prepare graphics, tables and figures
  • Adhere to journal structural guidelines
  • Communication with coauthors
  • Revision/editing according to comments
  • Journal submission
  • Communication with journal editors
  • Revision/editing after peer-review
  • Support until publication

Press releases, Blogs, Whitepapers, Brochures, Posters, Campaigns...

A critical aspect for medical product marketing, or for an effective campaign, is a language that any science or regulatory professional would find valid, while still being accessible and understood by all.

Furthermore, the message of a medical product's safety and effectiveness needs to be consistent across platforms, but delivered in different formats, or language, depending on the target-audience that is going to read it or evaluate it (e.g., regulators, medical journal peer-reviewers, business angels, board members, patients, users).

At BioSciPons, we find the right message for each target audience.

Target different audiences with different words.

Use different strategies to spread the message.

Slice the market and audience with tailored words.

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